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December 2005 Issue


Hello and welcome to the December issue of the official ESO clan newsletter. That makes it the Christmas issue!!! And what better gift to buy your friends than an copy of A1 lol.
This is the second quarterly issue to date. Look out for the next issue in March. By that time I should have a free 8meg broadband upgrade so I'm excited about March already! This issue contains a collection of articles written by clan members on loads of different topics that we hope everyone will find interesting so look out for the author of each one.

A Time For War

Map Making (Part 1)

By =ESO= Data

(All my maps can be found at:

Yo, I’m Data and for those of you who don’t know, I am the primary map maker for the € clan.
What makes a map special is all maps made by people are always unique. Period. For Example: my A Time For Peace has been said to look like Perfection, and although it looks similar, it wasn’t intended to look the same.

The First Thing you do when making a map is to get an idea.

This is a biggie, as without an idea, you don’t have a map.
It helps to turn off your TV, PS2 etc while thinking of ideas for maps with some exceptions ill explain later.
Personally, I get my ideas by going out into my dining room, and sitting down with a piece of A3 Sized Paper. Sometimes an idea just pop’s into my head. You can’t rush this stage of map development.
For Those of you who have played on a map called ‘Briar Patch’ I made that map, and I got the idea for it by going out for a drive into the country side and sitting down at a rock and staring at the forest of trees and the empty ancient cola cans and then suddenly realized that what if I made a made a map full of nebula’s with Derelicts? I pulled out my sketchbook and started the rough copy. If I didn’t go out for a drive, I’d never have gotten the idea. So this means something in a TV show or a console game could inspire a map idea in you. All I can say is don’t get disappointed if you can’t think of a map idea straight away. When It Happens, It happens.

When you finally get an idea, try to make the map balanced. Example: When designing Unity, I originally planned Shockwave stations and phoenix stations, however I ditched the shockwaves because of the way Unity is designed, Jacheng’s can kill in 1 use, and the people who got the phoenix’s would be at a LARGE disadvantage. So I replaced the shockwaves with phoenix’s and now Unity is balanced.

NEXT PART: Turning Your draft into a map and Common and Uncommon Map Editor problems solved!

Computer Time Limits
By =ESO= Tiverty

Ok most people who are fortunate to live with parents have time limits set on their computer usage so you don’t rot your life away in front of the computer. Often the kids will try to explain that they have friends on the internet but parents seem to have a difficult time understanding this (parents not from the computer era). I have to agree however that these parents have a just right in this action and being on five nights a week all night long is a little too much, however parents tend to set bad time limits that leave no or little time for activities that we are into on the internet. So I think it is fair to say that parents are only looking for what’s best for you but hey, we all dream of a life of sitting on the computer not having to leave for anything!

so much hard work...

How to choose a clan

By =ESO= Nuclear


There are many clans in Star Trek: Armada (commonly referred to as A1).  Most of the clans last for a few months then end up dying out. Choosing a good, dedicated clan can be very challenging, especially if you are new to the A1 community.  Most of the newcomers end up in clans that die out and because of this they never play again. Some of the things that need to be looked at when choosing a clan isn’t how many members it has (Although that might help) but instead look at how many DEDICATED members the clan has. My definition of a dedicated member is someone who plays A1 to the best of their ability, tries to learn more tactics, plays A1 frequently (meaning as much as possible because we all have lives, or at least most of us have lives), and posts on the clans message boards frequently.  When you choose which clan you would like to be in start talking to the clan’s members and ask for their help on anything you need help on (tactics, how to become a member, about the clan, ect.).  When you become part of that clan always where the clan tag proudly and remember that when you where a newcomer people helped you out (or should have) and now it’s your turn to return the favor. 



Aurum Est Potestas

"Gold is Power" in Latin




=New ESO=

=ESO= update

By =ESO= Pec


Well a large part, perhaps the most important part of our clan happens not playing A1 but on our forums. Our beloved forum is the place where it all happens. We get to talk across time zones, make plans, chat and increase our friendship. A good example of this was ESO day where several of us met up on Friday night to get a good clan game going. Hopefully this is something that can continue. From the poll on our forum about why we aren’t playing as much its obvious we are busy people so its not always easy to meet up.


The boards have been restructured recently to make them simpler and make them take less time to visit. It was getting ridiculous taking up to 40mins just to read through!! Our clan received personal praise from Mighty Santa for our efforts in keeping A1 going. As one of the oldest clans we are doing a good job.


There have also been a number of changes since the last newsletter. Data, Nuclear and Tiverty have all been promoted and are contributing a lot to ESO. Until next issue I hope to see you all on a1 and posting on our forum!

A big thank you to everyone who dedicated their time and eforts to making this issue possible.

Dec 05 edited by Pec


This is a quarterly newsletter. Contributions from members are very welcome and writers will be fully credited.