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Members are expected to abide by a few simple rules...

  1. Always be respectful to other players
  2. Do not kick players from your game without a VERY good reason.
  3. Don't be a bad winner/loser
  4. Where possible it is your duty to recruit new members by referring them to this site or to our message boards.

first season episode, #15 Kirk faces court Martial


Our Mission
Knight.jpg Knight image by The_Hated_Outcast

This is simply to have fun without making a bad name for ourselves or the clan and to basically be a good guy who does whats right (think medievil knight).

We are quite layed back but members who consistantly break these rules will face a court martial which will involve:
A private meeting of the Lords to decide whether you have will be court martialed
If the court martial goes a head the charges against you being written out on our message boards.
You get a chance to respond with a post defending yourself.
Then A poll will be set up with an open clan vote whether to kick you out of the clan.