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=ESO= Rebirth

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Please enjoy our Armada clan site.
If you would like to JOIN ESO  please fill out our online form


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About Us

We are a group of friends who play Armada regularly and who like to chat online.

Our members come from America to Australia so there should always be someone up for a game.

If you enjoy playing maps like, pen, warcircle, mini, bombwars, yardwars, gate, or ANY OTHER KIND this is the clan for you! So basically, if you enjoy playing armada, COME AND JOIN! You are welcome here!

We are always happy to accept new members and we hope they will take part in discussions on our message boards


Please get in touch to offer comments on our message boards and clan site.



The =ESO= Leaders

[avatar]Director Pip, Clan Leader
[avatar]Deputy Director Dog